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2012-06-15 13:29:13 by jnk1296

Okay, for those of you scattered out there in the realms of the internet who may be wondering when I'm going to be releasing my next track, please just wait a little longer. My next track IS IN THE WORKS.

It's not been as easy as I've hoped for lately in terms of making music. I'm still out a pair of headphones, and to make matters worse I can only really hear in one ear for the time being. -_- Which makes audio work somewhat of a challenge.

But I am pushing through. And hopefully, I'll have this upcoming track completed by next week or so.

Though no name has been set in stone yet, I plan on calling this track Revived.


2012-05-19 23:42:57 by jnk1296

Well, this is my very first news post, so I'll keep it brief, but I'm excited! So far, my new song Uncertainty seems to be boding well with NewGrounds. It already seems like it has a chance to surpass Finding Hope, so we shall see if the play numbers continue to rise.

And in other news, I was sent a message earlier today by iEBTech wanting to use the song in a video, so now I have some advertisement! This is already becoming my best song yet... :D